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what we do


Bold creativity, extreme dedication to our client's projects, 

and very clear communication at every step.​​

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Storytelling Strategy Development

We collaborate with brands to develop a comprehensive storytelling strategy that aligns with their goals, target market, and brand identity. This includes identifying key messaging, storytelling platforms, and content formats.


Content Creation and Curation

We plan, create and implement content for different digital media, and other mediums to connect with your target audience. Connection is the key!


Website Development

We create efficient and beautiful websites using the Wix platform. They have amazing tools that go from blog, store, booking, online programs, and so on. We love Wix and we're sure you would love to.


Other Services

Social media strategy

Digital marketing


Trend research

E-book creation

Social media templates



We help you establish your company within the industry, convey the value of your products or services for consumers and increase your brand awareness. We love seeing your reactions when we deliver the branding guide.


Marketing strategy

We help you tie your efforts to the business goals and allow you to identify and test what resonates with your target audience. All that and including specific digital marketing strategies tailored for you.


Branded Content

We build awareness for your brand by associating it with content that shares its values and its story. Who doesn't like a good story?

"Rita Avellar is your one-stop-shop for graphic design, social media branding, and website creation. Rita has surpassed all my expectations and when I approach her with a new idea I’d like to work on, she gets right to it! She listens carefully to her client’s needs, works endlessly to achieve those goals, and communicates clearly and efficiently with each step of the project. Rita is reliable, diligent, and kind. I have finally found my expert co-content creator!" 

Amie Abraham

Author and Mindfulness Coach 

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