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who we are

We are a creative team, helmed by Rita Avellar, the "Avellar" of our name.

We help you tell the story of your business creatively and efficiently, using branding, design, and content to captivate and educate your audience to move them to connect with you. 


Our multidisciplinary network includes talented graphic designers, videographers, web developers, digital marketers, eCommerce veterans, and branding consultants. Let's meet them! 

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I'm Rita Avellar, CEO, and founder of Avellar, LLC, storyteller, marketing expert, and passionate about any artistic expression.

With a background in Fashion Design, I've been in the field of communications, branding, marketing, and writing for more than 20 years expressing my creativity in different directions.

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My Story

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, since the first time I learned how to read and write, I wanted to create. Create stories, poems, ideas, tell something through words and imagination. When I think about my entire life, I always associate with being creative and it was that creativity that led to different professional paths.


Our Collaborators

To create amazing and original ideas, we believe that a mix of people with different backgrounds and cultures is important to bring life to any type of creative project. Meet some of our collaborators.


Let's chat or meet for a coffee?

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