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25 Best Films to watch during Black History Month - or anytime

To celebrate Black History Month we here at Avellar agency chose 25 of our favorite films to watch during this important month. It all began with Carter G. Woodson who founded in 1915 the Association For The Study Of African American Life and History, an organization that was dedicated to researching and promoting achievements by African Americans and other peoples of African descent. Since 1976, every president has designated a month dedicated to the celebration of Black History and culture. We embrace this celebration and invite you to sit back and open your mind and heart to watch these amazing and memorable films.

Our 25 favorite Black History Month movies to watch!

1. Do the Right Thing | Spike Lee (1989)

Where to watch: Amazon Prime
2. The Color Purple | Steven Spielberg (1985)
Where to watch: Amazon Prime

3. 12 Years a Slave | Steve McQueen (2013)
Where to watch: Netflix
4. Boyz n the Hood | John Singleton (1991)
Where to watch: Amazon Prime

5. Selma | Ava DuVernay (2014)