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5 Gadgets to Help Creating Content You Should Invest in 2022

Any creator nowadays has an online "life". Without the internet, we can't reach our public, sell our services or products, really, we can't be seen out in the world! Every now and then, we must also invest in technology and gadgets that will make our content creations more productive and professional. With that in mind, we picked up five gadgets that can help you with the mission of making your creative process easier. The creativity is all your own, but let us guide you into these favorite content creator must-have gadgets in 2022!

5 Gadgets to Help Creating Content You Should Invest in 2022

1. Twelve South HoverBar Duo adjustable iPad Stand

If you create content in which you need to make videos, presentations, or even show what you are doing, like cooking, illustrating, or other arts and crafts, this one is for you. Keeping your hands free and holding your iPad may be what you needed to motivate you to make those videos and show the world what you are doing!

We got a hunch on this one, and think this could get you started on iPad stands.

2. Belkin Magnetic Phone Mount With Face-Tracking

5 Gadgets to Help Creating Content You Should Invest Next Year

Everyone uses their phones to take selfies, videos, and take pictures. With the same thought of keeping your hands free and with a plus of having a movement sensor that follows your face while creating video content, this is the perfect gadget to get. Other than that, there are some really cool details which we love! Simple to use, it's a magnet to your phone, so it sticks to it easily, it has a very clean design that will match anything around, and the app links directly to your social media profiles for easy uploads! The flip side is that it doesn't work with Facetime, Whatsapp, and WeChat, but with everything else (creating your content for social media), it does. A thumbs up for the great price and there you go, another great acquisition to boost your content!

3. Sennheiser MKE 200 Mobile Kit

5 Gadgets to Help Creating Content You Should Invest Next Year

A content creator always needs to rely on equipment working so they can deliver their stuff. Instead of buying things separately, why not invest in kits that will bring you everything you need in one single buy? Sennheiser is a recognized excellent microphone (clean sound) brand, and this time, it will give you the complete set.

Take a look at some of the cool things it includes, according to the brand:

  • Mobile Kit includes the ever-popular Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod, as well as a versatile Sennheiser Smartphone Clamp, making this an essential package for any content creator on the move.

  • Directional microphone for isolated and enhanced in-camera audio

There is absolutely no excuse now to produce quality content, right?

4. El Gato Facecam

If you need to use your computer to create content or even to get into meetings that require a webcam, this is a really good choice. It is equipped with premium lenses meant to capture minimal detail and also minimal noise. Reviews around YouTube are very good, check this one out to help with more information. It has a sensor, so it'll keep you in total focus while spreading your creations to the online world. Gotta have it? No biggie, we got ya!

5. Movo UM700 Desktop USB Microphone

5 Gadgets to Help Creating Content You Should Invest in 2022

Hello, podcasters and YouTubers! This is for you! With four polar patterns, the microphone by Movo can record almost any situation with just one mic. Choose from stereo for realistic sound, cardioid for concentrated a pickup, omnidirectional for 360-degree audio, or bi-directional for front/rear pickup. With a three-capsule array, this mic captures 48kHz/16 Bit broadcast quality sound resolution for no-latency and features a powerful frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz. Perfect!

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