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The Oscars Nominees Food Menu!

We are excited to announce that the Oscars Ceremony will happen this weekend, on March 27th (Sunday), and we realized that it would be super fun to think about what kinds of foods each film could represent. With this idea in mind, we curated special recipes for staple foods according to the period and place these stories were told! Calling all foodies out there! Please have a seat, and let us take your order!

The Oscars Nominees Food Menu!


Laura Berwick, Kenneth Branagh, Becca Kovacik, and Tamar Thomas, Producers

Inspired by: The location, which is in North Ireland. The film chronicles the life of a working-class Ulster Protestant family from the perspective of their nine-year-old son Buddy during The Troubles in Belfast, Northern Ireland (from Wikipedia).

Food: The Ulster fry

Learn the recipe here: The Ulster fry recipe

The Oscars Nominees Food Menu!
Photo from BBC


Philippe Rousselet, Fabrice Gianfermi and Patrick Wachsberger, Producers

Inspired by: Location which is on Gloucester, Massachusetts. In Gloucester, Massachusetts, Ruby Rossi is the only hearing member of her family; her parents Frank and Jackie and older brother Leo are all culturally Deaf. She assists with the family fishing business and plans to join it full-time after finishing high school. (from Wikipedia).

Food: Boston Cream Pie

Learn the recipe here: Boston Cream Pie

The Oscars Nominees Food Menu!
Photo from Preppy Kitchen


Adam McKay and Kevin Messick, Producers

Inspired by: Washington DC because the plot involves the president of the United States of America. Kate Dibiasky, a Michigan State University astronomy Ph.D. candidate, discovers a previously unknown comet. Her professor, Dr. Randall Mindy, confirms that it will collide with the Earth in about six months and is large enough to cause a planet-wide extinction event. NASA confirms the findings and their Planetary Defense Coordination Office head Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe accompanies Dibiasky and Mindy to present their findings to the White House. They are met with apathy from President Janie Orlean and her son and Chief of Staff Jason. (from Wikipedia).

Food: A classic American Washington DC meal - Half smoke

The Oscars Nominees Food Menu!
Photo from Adequate Travel


Teruhisa Yamamoto, Producer

Inspired by: Being a Japanese production (inspired by a book by Haruki Murakami) and located in Japan. Actor and theater director Yūsuke Kafuku is married to Oto, a screenwriter. Oto conceives her stories during sex and narrates them to Yūsuke. After watching her husband in a performance of Waiting for Godot, Oto introduces Yūsuke to her frequent collaborator, the young actor Kōji Takatsuki. (from Wikipedia).

Food: Miso

Learn recipe here: Miso Soup

The Oscars Nominees Food Menu!
Photo from Go With Guide Site


Mary Parent, Denis Villeneuve and Cale Boyter, Producers

Inspired by: What are we eating in the future when many of our resources will end and change? n the far future, Duke Leto of House Atreides, ruler of the ocean planet Caladan, is assigned by the Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV to replace House Harkonnen as fief rulers of Arrakis. (from Wikipedia).

Food: Mushroom Salad With Edible Insects

Learn the recipe here: Mushroom Salad With Edible Insects

The Oscars Nominees Food Menu!
Photo from Delectabilia


Tim White, Trevor White and Will Smith, Producers

Inspired by: The beginning of the Williams sisters' athletic life, whose father Richard wants to help become tennis players. Richard Williams lives in Compton, California with his wife Brandy, his three step-daughters, and his two daughters, Venus and Serena. Richard aspires to turn Venus and Serena into professional tennis players; he has prepared a plan for success since before they were born. (from Wikipedia).

Food: Eat like an athlete, Dark Chocolate Power Balls

Learn the Recipe Here: Dark Chocolate Power Balls

The Oscars Nominees Food Menu!
Photo by Healthy Busy Bee

Sara Murphy, Adam Somner and Paul Thomas Anderson, Producers

Inspired by: The main title and the plot! In 1973 San Fernando Valley, 15-year-old actor Gary Valentine prepares for his high school picture day. He notices 25-year-old Alana Kane, a photographer's assistant, and strikes up a flirtatious conversation with her. She rebuffs his advances but meets him for dinner and they begin a friendship (from Wikipedia).

Food: Obviously, pizza.

The Oscars Nominees Food Menu!
Photo by Swirling F.


Guillermo del Toro, J. Miles Dale and Bradley Cooper, Producers

Inspired by: The era and city the plot is happening. In 1939, drifter Stan Carlisle obtains a job at a carnival and watches a geek show, an act in which a deranged man eats a live chicken. He begins working with the clairvoyant act "Madame Zeena" and her alcoholic husband, Pete. (from Wikipedia)

Food: Iconic food from NY in 1940’s - Meatloaf

Learn the recipe here: Granny's Classic Meatloaf

The Oscars Nominees Food Menu!
Photo from Self Proclaimed Foodie

Jane Campion, Tanya Seghatchian, Emile Sherman, Iain Canning and Roger Frappier, Producers

Inspired by: The main dish at one of the characters (Rose) restaurant, fried chicken! In 1925 Montana, Phil and George Burbank are wealthy ranch-owning brothers. Whereas Phil loves to stay grubby in his cowboy chaps, George dresses and behaves in a more white-collar manner. Whilst leading a cattle drive, they see in the distance a dead steer; Phil orders his men to keep away as he reckons the animal may have died from anthrax (from Wikipedia). The brothers and their cowboy team stop at an inn owned by attractive widow Rose Gordon.

Food: Rose’s restaurant main dish - Fried Chicken

Learn the recipe here: Crispy Fried Chicken

The Oscars Nominees Food Menu!
Photo from The Stay At Home Chef

Steven Spielberg and Kristie Macosko Krieger, Producers

Inspired by: The period, the characters who are young. In 1957, the Jets are a gang of white youths that fight the Puerto Rican Sharks for control of San Juan Hill on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Officer Krupke and Lieutenant Schrank break up the brief skirmish, telling the gangs that their conflict is pointless since the neighborhood will be imminently demolished to make way for Lincoln Center. (from Wikipedia).

Food: 1950's favorites for young people - Milkshakes!

The Oscars Nominees Food Menu!
Photo from Food Channel

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