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5 Ideas to Boost Your Creativity When Nothing Else Seems to Work!

We all have that "writer's block" moment in our lives. If you are a creative professional, or even, use creativity to bring your hobbies to life and suddenly feel uninspired and "empty", this post is for you! Learn simple things that can make your light bulb light up, even if you have no idea how to start. Sometimes you need to take a step back and just relax.

5 Ideas to Boost Your Creativity When Nothing Else Seems to Work!

1. Mind Reboot - Meditate, Don't Hesitate!

Have you ever tried meditation? Or are you one of those people (tons of people, trust me), who just say they don't know even how to start? Really, getting into the habit of meditating and turning everything "off" might be a little tricky these days, but something that can really be helpful (and work), is to listen to a guided meditation. There are tons of meditation playlists at Spotify and YouTube, for instance, and it's up to you to choose whatever rings a bell and feels comfortable.

To help you get started, we took the liberty to choose one of these guided meditations, and it is just 10 minutes long. Just press play on the video below and set your mobile phone to a silent mode, take some minutes to just unwind and clear the mind. We are certain that it will help new ideas and insights "download" to your renewed brain! Take a deep breath and start!

2. Do Something You Love

If things are beginning to look boring and you feel heavy whenever you need to start doing anything you need to do, take a step back and try focusing on something you really love doing. Is it cooking? Get those pans working, you don't even need to make anything complicated. Pasta or a salad can be really easy to make and relaxing to your mind and feel good on your tummy. Do you love watching movies? So nothing can stop you from getting that streaming signature to work for you, right now! Only two hours of focusing on a story (try lighter films, like comedies, musicals, and romance) other than your own, can make that constant ticking time bomb inside your brain, turn off and open space for a great idea who was just waiting to move in, but found no space in that busy brain of yours! Think of anything that really you love to do, maybe it is your favorite thing, maybe not, but just trying to remove the focus on what you can't do at that specific moment, can help you reorganize things inside your mind and make way for your brilliant ideas.

Try one of these!

  • Cooking

  • Watching a movie

  • Singing

  • Dancing

  • Taking a nap

  • Walking your dog

  • Drawing

(and this list is just ideas, you know what you love!)

5 Ideas to Boost Your Creativity When Nothing Else Seems to Work!

3. Try Changing Your Surroundings (even a little)

Either if you work from home or at the office, maybe changing stuff minimally around you, might get that little spark going. Reorganizing your desk, changing the pictures from your board or even, trying to work on different areas at your house or office, maybe just the little push to make that part of your brain smile again. If you have some extra time, you can even think about redecorating, buying a new plant, painting half a wall, putting a new lamp next to your reading chair, why not? It's the small things about it that really can make a difference and help change your perspectives. And it's not just us saying this, it is proven to work by psychologists!

5 Ideas to Boost Your Creativity When Nothing Else Seems to Work!

4. Try the Six Thinking Hats Technique®

The Maltese doctor Edward de Bono (1933-2021) dedicated his life to studying aspects of the mind processes involving problem-solving issues. One of the methods he created was the Six Thinking Hats®. Each hat is a different point of view in which the participants of a group or even an individual (you can try this by yourself) test different solutions with the variable themes according to the hat colors specified. This technique is a great one if you really need to get things going and resolved. To look at a situation from different points of view can help you create new ideas you weren't even thinking about!

5 Ideas to Boost Your Creativity When Nothing Else Seems to Work!

5. Take Notes and Record Ideas That May Come

With so much information surrounding us, sometimes it can get too overwhelming to take a moment and remember what was that genius idea you had as soon as you woke up last morning! Make it a habit recording (use your phone) your ideas, writing them down in a small notebook you can take around, so you can get back to them whenever you need. It is a simple idea, but may help you have that discipline and start training your brain to give you ideas! Grab a pen and notepad, set your phone recorder and you are ready to start creating!

5 Ideas to Boost Your Creativity When Nothing Else Seems to Work!

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