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5 Tools To Help You Create in an Organized Way

Have you ever been stuck on something you really got to do and don't know how to start? Maybe it's time to take a step back and try organizing your way through it. To be creative is sometimes a bit overwhelming if you have chaos around and within you.

Keep calm, because we are going to give you 5 very simple tools to help you with more organization to create all you need! Grab your notepad and write these tips down and then pin them somewhere you can always see!

5 Tools To Help You Create in an Organized Way

1. Declutter Your Stuff!

You know when something is really bothering and blocking your creativity you but you're not sure what it is? Maybe it's the clutter around you. You can't find that notebook or the special pen you use to brainstorm your ideas? It's time to declutter! Choose a day or days to do this, begin by separating things you will throw away in one cardboard box, other things that you have to put away in another, and stuff to giveaway. This will even help you organize your thoughts. Try labeling folders and organizing your drawers and desk so you can easily access what you need. Did you know decluttering can be a kind of meditation mode? So, no excuses anymore, roll up your sleeves and begin!

Watch this video with precious tips for decluttering your workspace from Mathew Encina!

2. Make Schedules and Deadlines and Comply to Them!

Start making deadlines for yourself. If a monthly calendar is a bit too much for you now, try making weekly plans and comply with them. Take notes of the most important tasks you have and start with the hardest ones. This scares away those little ghosts that keep you up at night thinking you are the worst procrastinator in the world. Take breaks between tasks, and don't forget to stretch. Then celebrate every checklist marked and move on to the next week. It's as simple as that! There are great planners you can get to help you visualize these creative tasks and they are also fun to use. Buy them here!