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The 5 Best Spotify Playlists to Listen to at Work

If you are this type of creative who needs some music in the background to get you through the workday, we got you covered! We selected the 5 best Spotify playlists to listen to at work covering different moods and genres.

#1 - Concentration Mode

If you're reaching your deadlines, need to just focus on one thing at a time, Perfect Concentration is your list.

#2 - Shaking the Creativity

If you like to work and dance on the chair and maybe even sing (as long as you are in an environment that is possible or by yourself, right?) this playlist, Shaking the Booty, is for you.

#3 - In a Good Mood

Looking for mellow smooth tunes? Your Favorite Coffeehouse has it all! Play it and enjoy with a good cup of coffee or your favorite tea.

#4 - Music for Your Body and Soul

Enjoy the vibe of soul music from the 1970s? 70s Soul Classics is a delicious playlist to will make you want sing it loud, like playlist #2.