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The situation in Ukraine and Russia: The effects on all of us and what you can do

To top our last two years inside a Global Pandemic, now we are watching a war arising between Russia and Ukraine. This has shaken our feelings and surely tears come up when reading or watching what has been going on. The question is: what is REALLY going on and how do the effects of this war affect us directly? In the middle of helpless feelings, can we really do something to actually help? We also have a lot of questions (and some answers) and that is why we organized some topics to help guide you through this moment in History.

The situation in Ukraine and Russia: The effects on all of us and what you can do
Photo by Katie Godowski from Pexels

Here are some ways you can be informed and also know what to expect and what to do, regarding the war. Hope we help you with these topics, but if you still have anything you'd like to share with us, please do! We are happy to respond in our comments or through our channels!

1. Get The Right News Information From Safe Sources

Wars and conflicts haven't started today, in fact, parallel to what is going on between Russia and Ukraine, we have conflicts and attacks all over the Globe happening simultaneously and sometimes in places where humanitarian help is lacking. Also, fake news or no news coverage at all get through, creating even more doubts and leaving us blind about what sources we can really trust, believe in, and follow. Make sure to note these points when looking for accurate information.

  • Look for local news where the attacks are happening. There are many reporters and news professionals who are posting 24/7 about the conflicts, bombings, and what has really been going on on the grounds, and the best way to look for these sources is on Instagram, Twitter, and other social media networks, amazingly as it might sound. Elle UK made an excellent article three days ago about some reliable sources to follow, check them out here.

  • Watch videos or read articles from war specialists and historians. Trust us, they know what is going on beyond what we can see and can teach us how we can look at this war (or any other conflict) through less passionate lenses, so we can get the social and political, economical, and humanitarian aspects just right. Without critical thinking and information, we are just media puppets. Remember that.

2. Read Books and Watch Documentaries to Open Your Point of View

  • Watching documentaries can be an excellent way to broaden your knowledge about this war and our tip is to watch Winter On Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom (on Netflix). You may watch the video trailer directly from YouTube, due to age restrictions.