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5 Ways To Refresh Your Mind

It's the middle of the day and your brain seems to go blank. Have you experienced this? We think you did, and the reason must be, you are putting too much concentration and focus nonstop on everything you need to do to get your work done. In the end, you get exhausted and the work isn't finished, in fact, you don't even know how to restart.

5 Ways To Refresh Your Mind

Don't worry (but pay attention), because this has a good solution or path which could help you get on track again, without blowing your brain circuits! Refresh your mind, we'll tell you how on these 5 easy steps!

1. Take a Break!

Have a pause. Really, it's that simple. Step away from your workspace for some minutes, go outside, stretch, listen to a song or songs, try pausing what you are doing if you can for some minutes and it will make you a little more focused when you come back. This will happen because you allowed yourself to step back. We all need a break, we are not machines! Respect your break, don't get too distracted on social media, while at it. The purpose here is to unwind.

5 Ways To Refresh Your Mind

2. Take Deep Breaths

It has been proven that practicing deep breathing exercises will lower levels of anxiety. There is a scientific reason for that: slow and deep breathing will stimulate the vagus nerve (popularly named wandering nerve) and release the anti-stress chemical acetylcholine. What will it do exactly? It will slow down your heart rate and relax you!

5 Ways To Refresh Your Mind

3. Listen to Relaxing Music

If you need to work focused on writing or creating something, for instance, probably you have favorite playlists to listen to. This tip will maybe make you frown, but trust us, it works. Working with focus and creating requires concentration. If you are listening to songs with too many lyrics, or a fast beat, this will cause you even if you don't notice, distraction, irritation, and wandering (who doesn't love good lip-syncing?). So try listening to chill-out music, the kinds that have no lyrics on them, or even, natural sounds (you know, the forest sounds, with rain and the whole package) also to classical music. You will see your workflow really coming through! It calms you down and helps you create peacefully!

5 Ways To Refresh Your Mind

4. Eat Healthy!

If you take three, four, big cups of coffee to keep you going, this will most likely keep you going until you need to go to a doctor, very soon. If you eat stuff that will make your body bloat, lots of sugar that will make you too energetic and then slow, deregulate your insulin...I'm sorry to tell you, you are doing this wrong, buddy. Food is fuel. Good fuel keeps your brain (and the rest of your body) functioning very well. Try Mediterranean food, it is complete with all nutrients you need and improves your brain functions as well.

Learn more about healthy eating habits for busy women at Healthy Busy Bee.

" Researchers found a Mediterranean diet may improve cognitive output in elderly people at high risk of heart disease. The antioxidant-rich Mediterranean diet comes packed with polyphenols." (from Happy Project)

5 Ways To Refresh Your Mind

5. Take a Break on Social Media

Many (MANY) studies have shown that spending too much time scrolling up and down Instagram, Facebook and other social media might cause mood swings (to say the least), and you won't even notice. Avoid spending too much time hanging on your phone, try shutting everything off, like notebooks and all the tech surrounding you. Even if for an hour or two. This will rest your eyes, your mind, your feelings. Trust us. A detox is necessary to keep the sanity, mostly at these crazy times!

To wrap up, we selected a few "mind refreshers" items to help in this process of restarting your brain.

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